Thursday, February 27, 2014

Innovation In The Classroom

My teacher new, fresh, innovative, exciting. I can't tell you how much I love this teacher! We sit on yoga balls but that is just a tiny piece of my classroom, what other class gets to go do DNA in a high school,  interduce a famous speaker ( Marc Prensky), and do a think tank with him!
Once again only a tiny part of this, we are totally in control of our learning we create action plans each week about areas of focus we need and we conference about on Thursdays. 

Different teachers:
Ahh yes the normal average teacher. How many times have you heard the word silent from your teacher? WE talk all we want ( At a good noise level :)) after all it is our way of using communication. You know I was thinking when are teachers going to start letting students drink their learning? It's our learning anyway. 

Ok let us move on to our favorite subject, everybody likes history right?
To be honest I am thinking about being a lawyer or teacher so why should I have to learn about the Civil war? But if you did it is the 21st century people move on from those boring tests! We could look it up in 1.4 seconds.

I know that this has a really small chance of happening but please tell
your friends about this so I can try to get at least 50 people to comment agreeing with this post in the next month or so?

Thanks for the help,
Sophia   :)